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It's like marinara
with an Indian accent.
Patak's® provides a quick and easy meal solution with Patak's® Simmer Sauces. We've simplified the art of cooking Indian; by creating 8 delicious Indian flavor blends. Simply sauté your choice of meats or vegetables, pour Patak's® Simmer Sauce over meat or vegetables to simmer and serve hot over rice. It's as easy as making spaghetti! Cooking Indian at home has never been easier.
Use sauces for
A flavorful 20-minute meal in three easy steps.
Sauté meat or vegetables, simmer and serve hot over rice.
100% Natural. No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors or Colors.
Tikka Masala Curry
This rich, orange-colored curry is a universal crowd-pleaser. Tikka Masala is one of the most popular dishes found in Indian restaurants around the world.
Butter Chicken Curry
This rich, creamy curry with smoked paprika and bold spices is a taste the whole family will love.
Dopiaza Curry
“Do” translates as “two” and “Piaz” translates as “onion,” so “Dopiaza” is a tomato-based sauce with lots of onion.
Jalfrezi Curry
A robust, tomato-based sauce made with mild chile peppers, originating from the Eastern-Indian state of Bengal.
Jalfrezi Hot & Spicy
This robust, tomato-based sauce contains mild peppers and provides the perfect kick for those who love spicier flavors.
Korma Curry
A wonderfully mild, creamy blend of coconut and delicate spices such as ginger and cilantro.
Mango Curry
A mild and fruity mango-based sauce, Mango Curry is ideal to enhance the flavors in chicken.
Mild Curry
Deliciously tangy and robust, our signature Indian curry is a flavor-packed classic.
Rogan Josh Curry
Tomato and cardamom are at the heart of this medium spicy sauce from the Kashmir region of India.
Tikka Masala Hot & Spicy
Popular for its creamy tomato texture and versatile spice blend, Spicy Tikka Masala adds extra pep to chicken and vegetable dishes.
Vindaloo Hot & Spicy
One of the hottest flavors available on an Indian menu, this sauce consists of an extra spicy blend of tomato, chili and spices.
 Extra Hot
Explore simple and delicious solutions for anyone looking to bring exotic Indian flavors to his or her home cooking.