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Fire up the grill
with Patak's® Marinades
Patak's® Marinades can be used as a marinade, or as a tantalizing rub on the grill. Our marinade blends are a mix of spices and herbs, preserved in oil to provide smoky flavors to meat, vegetables, fish or even tofu and Indian paneer cheese. Patak's® Marinades are often used in Indian restaurants around the world to create the ever-popular dish known as 'Tandoori Chicken'.
Use marinades for
A delicious flavor foundation for a fire-inspired meal
Adding new and unexpected flavors to your grilling routine
100% Natural. No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors or Colors.
Tandoori Paste
A mild, bright red, smoky-flavored paste used to marinate meat, fish or vegetables, Tandoori paste helps you replicate the flavor of the iconic Tandoor oven.
Tikka Paste
This marinade brings the smoky Tandoor oven flavor to life. Tikka is ideal for adding a delicate and authentic flavor to grilled meats.
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